Yarvik TAB07 Luna 7c hard reset

1. Turn your Yarvik tablet off. Connect the charger to a wall outlet and charge the tabet.
2. Press and hold both Volume UP + POWER for 17 seconds.
3. Release all keys when recovery menu comes up.
4. Use Volume Down to highlight Wipe data / Factory reset and press power
5. Use Volume down and highlight Yes -- delete all user data and press power.
6. Wait until the factory reset process finish.
7. After all done select the Reboot system now and the tab100 will reboot.

Yarvik tab07 hard reset

Restoring Yarvik TAB07 Luna 7c Factory Data

Restore defaults

If you reset your tablet to its factory settings, all of your personal data stored on the phone, including information about your Google account, any other accounts that you have configured, your system and application settings, and any applications you have installed will be erased. Resetting the tablet does not erase any system updates you
have downloaded. Using the check box provided, you can also select to erase all the data stored on your SD card or on the phone’s internal SD card, which includes files that you have downloaded or copied there, such as music or photos.
1. On the Settings screen, touch Backup and Reset for Factory data reset.
2. When prompted, touch Reset tablet, and then touch Erase everything. The tablet resets the settings to the original factory settings, and then restarts.

Yarvik TAB07 Luna 7c soft reset restart your device

1. Press the power switch and hold down for 7 seconds, the Tablet will be powered off.
2. Press Reset hole for 10 seconds which is located on the side of the Tablet, the Tablet will be powered off.
After the tablet switched off you can power on the tablet by pressing the power button.
Yarvik tab07 tablet soft reset

If you have any problem with yout tablet device, eg. it is frozen or not working properly, you can force power off it by pressing the RESET button on the side of the tab. Use a paper clip or similar tool to push it gently for a few seconds. The Yarvik tablet will turn off.
Yarvik tab07 tablet reset hole