Xiaomi Mi Band 2 user manual and how to tips

Mi Band 2 sports tracker

1. Assembling the Mi band 2 bracelet tracker

a. Take the strap and bracelet tracker                         b. Insert tracker into strap      c. Put bracelet on hand

mi band 2 user manaul  miband2 2


2. Install Mi Sport App on your smartphone

To install Mi Sport App, enter Mi Store or Apple Store, find the app «Mi Sport» or scan QR-Code shown below or visit link here http://hm.xiaomi.com/app.do

playstore icon for Android PLAY Store Mi Fit app visit link here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xiaomi.hm.health

 Mi Band 2 app QR code download link

3. How to pair Mi Band 2 with smartphone device

Pairing smartphone with Mi Band 2

Open Mi Sport App, login to your account and find Mi bracelet.
When the bracelet vibrates and the tracker appears on the screen, click the button on bracelet to complete a successful pairing of devices.

 4. Using Mi Band 2

After the successful pairing of devices, bracelet immediately begins to calculate and analyze your movements, sleep, etc. By tapping on the
bracelet, you can check the current time, the number of steps passed and your heart rate indication.

Mi Band 2 steps time heart rate monitor

Xiaomi MiBand 2 - Charging of the bracelet

If the bracelet battery is low, immediately connect the charger. Charge about two hours until the battery indicator shows full charge. Do not let it run out of battery, try to charge it immediately when charge level drops to 5%.


How to change the units on Mi band 2 / Mi Fit app to Jin, Lbs or Kg

mi band 2 mi fit launcher

On the phone open Mi Fit application select Profile in the lower left on the screen, scroll down to the bottom to Settings. Select Units on the top. Change or select to the desired unit. You can set units for distance in Metric (m, km) or Imperial (feet, miles) and for weight Metric (kg), Imperial (lbs) or Jin(500g)

  mi fit profile mi fit settings  mi fit units  

mi fit untis1

Mi Band No Longer Tracks Steps and Sleep - Mi Band 2 No sleep data

update: Mi Fit app v2.2.7 fixed some bugs, the sleep track works fine again. If not try to clear data go to Settings > App managemenet > Find and select Mi Fit > select Storage and Clear Cache and Clear data also. It will fix No sleep data issue in Mi Fit using Mi Band 2.

mifit clear cache

This issue has been resolved in ver2.2.7 It is possible that you will not get the latest version of Mi Fit app from PLAY Store or Xiaomi store. In that version of Mi Fit the running feature is not available. You can measure your heart rate during the running or biking workout in later versions of Mi Fit like v2.2.2 or v2.2.3

Find mirrored apk sites where latest mi fit apk hosted and can be download. Download and install mi fit 2.2.3 or later. This will also update the firmware on your Mi Band 2. See images below (version number in 2016 october)  App version 2.2.3 Algorythm 1.0.81 and miband 2 firmware version is V1.0.0.53

 mi band2 firmware update  mi band2 version

 mi band2 fw version


How to check Mi Band 2 mac address?

Why you need your Mi Band's MAC Address? Usually you do not need this address, the devices and apps will manage it automatically. But in rare cases some application like Tools & Mi Band or other apps may ask you to enter your device's mac address manually. This is how you can check your wrist band1s MAC address. Note: You need to pair your band with your phone/tablet first. The MAC address is 12 characters long hexadecimal string. It can contain any of the following characters 0123456789ABCDEF. The first 6 chars specifies the Vendor of the device. The other 6 is the serial #. i.e. EC:6F:CE is the Vendor's code.

  1. Just open MI Fit application and tap Profile at the lower right part of the screen
  2. Tap Mi Band 2 where the remaining battery status is displayed.
    miband mac address
  3. Scroll down to the bottom where you can find your MI Band 2 band's MAC ADDRESS


miband mac address1

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