How to reset UBEE EVW3226 (UPC) cable modem router

If you forgot your password or cannot access your UBEE EVW3226 cable modem you can reset it to its factory default settings.
Or if you configured your router as "switch mode" (not as router mode) and you cannot access your modem at (or you also need to RESET your cable modem.
Find the RESET hole on the back of the cabel modem VoIP Gateway rear panel and use a paper clip, pen, pencil or similar tool to press the RESET button for over 15 seconds.
The UBEE EVW3226 modem will be revert back to its factory original settings. 
Reset button can be also used to restart the modem or press over 15 seconds can default the modem.

To access the configuration page:
Type in the browser's address bar to open the modem log in page. Note: If you are trying to access the modem via wifi connection, note that your wifi settings are also deleted so find the SSID and WPA2 password on the sticker on the modem and set up your wi-fi connection on your computer or tablet, mobile device.

Now that you are logged into your UBEE EVW3226 modem's configuration page, enter "admin" as the username and also "admin" as the password. Set up your modem as your need.

Please note:
In rare cases If both DS and US blue LEDs are flashing, it means the Wireless Voice Gateway is automatically updating its system software. Please wait for the lights to stop flashing. Do not remove the power supply or reset the Wireless Voice Gateway during this update process. The update process may take up to 5-10 minutes. Be patient!

ubee evw3226 factory reset

How to reset UBEE EVW3226 from menu

1. Type in the browser's address bar to open the modem log in page.
2. Enter "admin" as the username and also "admin" as the password.
3. Go to System tab.
4. In the left side menu select Factory Default
5. Clilck on Restore defaults button. ubee evw3226 factory reset menu3 Note: After you click the button, the modem will reset itself immediately.
6. Wait until the modem reset the system settings and reboots. It will take 2-3 minutes. After the LEDs  are not flashing you can log in the configuration page and setup the modem.

If you have a backup of your configuration, you can restore it from the System tab / Backup and Recovery / Restore menu - browse the .cfg file and press the RESTORE button and click OK in the confirmation Warning dialog window.
SW Version     EVW3226_1.0.20
HW Version     1.23
ubee evw3226 factory reset menu
ubee evw3226 factory reset menu1