Solutions for Forgotten Patterns and Passwords on Android Devices

Accessing your Android device can become a bit problematic if you forget its lock pattern/password. However, there are some simple and some not-so-simple solutions.
A lot of Android users around the world have faced the problem of inaccessible devices due to forgotten lock patterns. In times of urgency, this is the last situation one would want to be in. Smartphones these days are used to store massive amounts of data that are vital for the day to day functioning of a lot of individuals. Not being able to access all that data is very limiting and frustrating.
However, solutions for these situations exist. And the good thing is, you don’t need to be a geek to apply them. Let’s take a look at some of these solutions in detail.

For Older Android Versions

If your phone or Android device works on Kitkat 4.0 or older operating systems, it is extremely easy to reset your password/pattern. The integrated system of resetting passwords is a compromise in terms of security, but makes it a much easier process.
Simply enter an incorrect password or pattern five times. A “Forgot Password” prompt will appear. Select it and enter your Google account details to remove password and enter a new one.

For Newer Versions

After Kitkat 4.0, Android’s security measures significantly changed, and the integrated password reset feature was removed in order to ensure greater security. However, this has also made resetting the password/pattern a bit difficult.
Your best bet is the Smart Lock feature that is included on all Android versions upwards of Kitkat 4.0. This feature can be used to auto-connect your phone to any Wi-Fi network in the vicinity, thereby unlocking the phone. However, you can only configure this before your device gets locked.
A lot of manufacturers like Samsung have their own websites where you may enter your details and have your screen unlocked.

The Last Resort

When nothing else seems to remove password and allow you to access your Android device, the only thing left to do is format is your internal storage. Most Android users want to avoid this step because of the massive loss of data involved, but when the going gets tough, this is what you have to do.
Switch off your phone and boot it up by pressing the Home Key+VolumeUp+Power buttons simultaneously, which will lead you to a menu with the option of restoring factory settings. Once this process is complete, you should face no problem whatsoever in accessing your device.
The combination of buttons you need to press differ from one phone to another. Check your phone manual before restoring factory settings.

Not being able to access your Android device can be hard. However, with the aforementioned solutions, you can access your phone without any hiccups.