The Two Simple Ways to unlock Android Device

Android devices have added a new degree of convenience to our lives. But that convenience goes for a toss when a device gets locked, and cannot be unlocked.
Android smartphones, tablets and associated devices have taken technology to another level, and have convenience us in previously unimaginable ways. These luxuries have become necessities to people these days, especially the ones living fast lives, with needs of getting in touch with other people on various platforms. Their mammoth storage spaces allow critical data to be stored in abundance as well.
However, all this can come to an abrupt halt if you somehow manage to get your device locked, and cannot find any possible way of unlocking it. Below, we will take a look at two fundamental methods of unlocking your android device and getting it up and running again.

Using Google Account

If you cannot manage to remember your Android password/pattern, you can always use your Google account to unlock Android device. There are a few basic steps involved in unlocking your Android phone or tablet using Google:
  • After you try unlocking your device five times using different patterns, a pop-up message will appear with the options “Next” and “Try Again”.
  • Select “Next”. Two options to unlock Android will appear. While one deals with answering a security question, the other will require you to provide your Google account information.
  • Setting security questions is not a very popular trend among Android users. Select “Next” after selecting the option to provide Google account details.
  • Enter your username and password, and you should have access to your account and be able to make the necessary changes to your pattern/password.

Resetting Android Device

While this method is the most surefire way to unlock Android devices, it involves the deletion of all internal storage data and is generally not recommended. However, if nothing else works, this is the only way forward. Follow these steps:
  • Switch off the device and enter a MS-DOS like screen by holding “Volume Up+Home+Power” buttons.
  • Depending on what your device is, you might see either of these two options; “Delete all User Data” or “Restore Factory Defaults”.
  • Scroll down to either of the two options and select.
  • Wait for some time and select the “Reboot System Now” option, which should initiate the device’s reboot sequence.

Pros and Cons

Resetting your device’s pattern/password using your Google account details is recommended, as resetting your device through restoring factory defaults is bound to delete all critical data in your internal storage. This loss of data may be quite problematic, and you should resort to this only as a last resort.

Unlocking your Android device is easier than you think, and takes only a few minutes. Keep your Google details memorized for avoiding deletion of critical data.