Qilive Q.4046 hard reset recovery menu

Unable to access your Qilive Q.4046 device? Forgot your lock pattern or password?
Try to enter the Android Recovery menu on your device, but please note that not all firmware supports it, and if  there is no option to enter this recovery mode to "wipe data" or  "Factory reset" your device, you won't be able to enter this menu. If these options will be available in a future ROM / Firmware release than you should try the following method to enter / get in the menu.

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  1. Fully charge the battery.
  2. Turn ON the device by pressing and holding the VOLUME DOWN key and the Power key together.
  3. Boot selector menu will come up - select Recovery mode - use Volume key to select and Power to confirm.
  4. The phone will reboot and Qilive logo shows up.
  5. In the next menu -in Android recovery menu - select wipe data/factory reset and confirm it on the next screen also. (select Yes -- delete user data)
    Use the volume key to navigate and power to confirm
  6. When Data wipe complete message shows up you are done.
  7. After hard reset is done, highlight reboot system now and confirm your selection, use power key.

Note! All data will be deleted! Be sure to backup your user data before doing a hard reset.

Resetting Your Qilive Q.4046 Android tablet from the menu option factory reset

With Clean Boot, you can reset your tablet to its factory defaults. When you reset your phone, the data stored in your tablet may be erased.
1. Tap Application > Settings > Backup & reset.
2. Tap Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything to reset the phone