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OPPO R5 hard reset

How to reset OPPO R5 when you forgot your password or unlock pattern. How to remove unlock pattern on your OPPO R5

Using the Hard Reset aka Factory Reset

1. Turn the power off.
2. Press and hold the Power + Volume Down Key on the phone. (if the recovery menu does not come up then try Volume UP + Power ON)

3. Android Recovery menu should come up.

4. In the recovery menu select wipe data factory reset with Volume button. Press power to confirm.

5. Select highlight Yes-- erase delete all data press power to confirm.

After hard reset completed, select reboot system now! All data will be lost!

If you perform a Hard Reset, all user applications, user data and DRM licenses will be deleted. Please remember to backup any important data before performing a Hard Reset.


OPPO R5 hard reset from the menu

Factory data reset – Reset your settings to the factory default values and delete all your data. If you reset the phone this way, you are prompted to re-enter the same information as when you first started your Android phone.

Go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset  and confirm
All data will be deleted!

NOTE: Your personal data from internal phone storage — including information about your Google account and any other accounts, your system/application data and settings, any downloaded applications and your DRM licence — might be lost in the process of updating your phone's software. Therefore, it is always recommended to backup your personal data before updating your phone's software.