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OPPO Find 5 hard reset

How to reset OPPO Find 5 when you forgot your password or unlock pattern. How to remove unlock pattern on your OPPO Find 5

Using the Hard Reset aka Factory Reset

1. Turn the power off.
2. Press and hold the Power + Volume Down Key on the phone. (if the recovery menu does not come up then try Volume UP + Power ON)

3. Android Recovery menu should come up.

4. In the recovery menu select wipe data factory reset with Volume button. Press power to confirm.

5. Select highlight Yes-- erase delete all data press power to confirm.

After hard reset completed, select reboot system now! All data will be lost!

If you perform a Hard Reset, all user applications, user data and DRM licenses will be deleted. Please remember to backup any important data before performing a Hard Reset.

OPPO Find 5

OPPO Find 5 hard reset from the menu

Factory data reset – Reset your settings to the factory default values and delete all your data. If you reset the phone this way, you are prompted to re-enter the same information as when you first started your Android phone.

Go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset  and confirm
All data will be deleted!

NOTE: Your personal data from internal phone storage — including information about your Google account and any other accounts, your system/application data and settings, any downloaded applications and your DRM licence — might be lost in the process of updating your phone's software. Therefore, it is always recommended to backup your personal data before updating your phone's software.