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MWG Zinc II hard reset

1. Power off your MWg Zinc 2 phone.
2. Power ON your phone then release the power button and press and hold the Rec button.
3. A Recovery screen will appeare. Keep pressing the Rec/Camera button to reset your phone.

Pls note: the Rec. (Record) button is the Camera button.

Remove MWG Zinc II password using hard reset
If not working try this:
Press QUICK MEMU + Camera + RESET buttons togeher, release only RESET, but keep pressing the other two buttons until your phone reboots. A Recovery screen will appeare. Press REC. to factory reset. White bars will move across the screen.

Mobile and Wireless Group (MWg) Zinc II password reset
The MWg Zinc II is the successor to the O2 Xda Zinc launched by MWg.
BCMath lib not installed. RSA encryption unavailable