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Mitac Mio A702 Soft reset

Use the stylus to press the reset button on the

Mio A702 hard reset

In some cases, you may need to restore the device to the factory default state
by clearing the memory from the device. For example, you should clear the

  • When the device does not respond after being reset.
  • When you forget your password.

Clearing the memory means all data you have entered in the device’s
memory, including all files, system settings and additional programs you
have installed, will be erased. (Programs installed to ROM at the factory are
not affected.)
CAUTION: To ensure the integrity of your data should it be necessary to clear the
memory, you are advised to regularly back up your data.

Mitac Mio A702 hard reset

Follow this procedure to clear the memory from the device:

1. Make sure that the device is turned off.
2. While pressing and holding the Power button, press and hold the Talk
button until the device vibrates.
3. The device will turn on automatically. The backlight of the keypad will
glow, and the setup wizard will appear on the screen. Follow the
on-screen instructions to complete the setup wizard.
4. Re-establish a partnership with your desktop computer.
5. Re-install the add-on software, if necessary.