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Mio 8870 hard reset

Restoring Factory Default State

You are recommended to ask your local dealer for service. Avoid restoring factory default state
by yourself

In some cases, you may need to restore your Smartphone to the factory default state by
clearing the memory (RAM) from your Smartphone. For example, you should clear the

When your Smartphone cannot be turned on.
When you forget your password.
When you want to remove the add-on software.
When you wish to return, dispose of, or sell your Smartphone.

Clearing the memory means all data you have entered in RAM, including all files, system
settings and additional programs you have installed, will be erased.

Follow this procedure to clear the memory from your Smartphone:

1. To keep the data stored in your Smartphone, back up your data to your desktop computer
using ActiveSync, and restore it after the memory is cleared.
2. Connect the AC adapter, and disconnect all other cables.
3. Make sure that your Mio 8870 Smartphone is turned off.

4. Press and hold the Volume control. When holding it, press and hold the End key for four seconds to turn on your Smartphone, and then let go of the End key.

5. After the Smartphone vibrates twice, you can let go of the Volume control.
6. Your Smartphone will turn on after about two minutes.
7. Re-install the add-on software, if necessary.
8. Restore your backup, if necessary.

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