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Resetting Your MiTAC Mio 336 BT Pocket PC
CAUTION: Resetting will cause unsaved data to be lost.
Resetting your Pocket PC is similar to restarting your desktop computer. It
restarts the operating system, but you will lose any unsaved data.
Occasionally, you may need to reset your Pocket PC;
for example, you should reset:
After you restore data from your desktop
When your Pocket PC stops responding; in other
words, it appears to be “frozen” or “locked up.”
Follow this procedure to reset your Pocket PC:
1. Remove the SD/MMC card (if installed).
2. Use the stylus to press the reset button on the side
of your Pocket PC.

Mio 336 hard reset

Restoring Factory Default State
In some cases, you may need to restore your Pocket PC to the factory default
state by clearing the memory (RAM) from your Pocket PC. For example, you
should clear the memory:

When your Pocket PC does not respond after being reset.
When you forget your password.
Clearing the memory means all data you have entered in RAM, including all
files, system settings and additional programs you have installed, will be erased.
(Programs installed to ROM at the factory are not affected).

Follow this procedure to clear the memory from your Pocket PC:
1. Backup your information if necessary.
2. Disconnect all cables, including the AC adapter, from your Pocket PC.
3. Stop all running programs by tapping WIN Start
Settings > System tab > Memory icon > Running
Programs tab > Stop All.

4. Use the stylus to slide the battery switch to the
OFF (up) position.
5. Wait for 1 minute and then slide the switch back
to the ON (down) position.
6. Your Pocket PC will automatically turn on and
display the Welcome screen.
7. To begin the Welcome Wizard, tap the screen
with the stylus and follow the onscreen
instructions to complete the Welcome Wizard.

Mio 336 hard reset

8. Reestablish a. partnership with your desktop computer.
9. You may also want to restore data to your Pocket PC from your most recent
backup file.
NOTE: If the battery completely runs out of power and is not charged in time, you will get
the same result as you restore the factory default state.