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Clearing the Mio 268 Memory

NOTE (for Mio 268 Only): Clearing the memory will cause the navigation software to lose. You must insert the Mio Map card to perform the automatic installation. In case the data in the Mio Map card is lost or damaged, perform the “Recover” procedure.
If your device still does not respond after being reset, you can use the following steps to clear the memory.
1. Disconnect all cables, including the AC adapter, from your device.
2. Use the stylus to slide the ON/OFF switch to the OFF (left) position.
3. For Mio 268 only: Insert the Mio Map card to your device.
4. Wait for 1 minute and then slide the switch back to the ON (right) position

Mio 268 hard reset

5. Your device will perform the initial start up.