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MiTAC Mio 169 hard reset

Resetting Your MiTAC Mio 169 System
Resetting your system is similar to restarting your computer. Occasionally, you may need to reset your device. For example, you should reset your system when it stops responding; or appears to be “frozen” or “locked up.”
To reset your system, use the stylus pen to press the Reset button on top of your device.

If your device still does not respond after being reset, you can use the following steps to clear the memory, and reset the system settings to factory defaults.
1. Disconnect all cables, including the AC adapter, from your device.

2. Use the stylus pen to slide the ON/OFF switch to the OFF (right) position.
3. Wait for 1 minute and then slide the switch back to the ON (left) position.
4. Your device will automatically turn on and the Main screen will appear.
NOTE: Once you clear the memory with this ON/OFF switch, all the settings you have changed in the System Settings will be erased. You will need to re-enter any personal settings, including time and date once again.

Mio 169 hard reset