Intermec CS40 hard reset

Resetting the Computer
You rarely need to reset the computer. If the computer does not resume after pressing the Power button, or if the computer or an
application locks up, you may need to reset the computer. The computer uses the configuration currently saved in flash memory
during the boot process. There are three ways to reset the computer:
• Warm booting the computer
• Cold booting the computer
• Clean booting the computer
Warm Booting the Computer
You may need to perform a warm boot to correct conditions where an application stops responding to the system. There are two ways to do
To warm boot the computer:
1 Tap Start > Programs > Shut Down.
Or, scan this bar code.

Intermec CS40 reset bar code

The computer systematically shuts down.
2 Press the Power button to restart the computer. If the computer is connected to an external power supply, it automatically restarts.

Cold Booting the Computer
In some cases where the computer completely stops responding, you may need to perform a cold boot. Cold booting may result in data loss,
so use this method only if all other recovery methods have failed.
Note: Cold booting the computer does not guarantee that cached disk data will be saved, so transactional data may be lost during the reset.
All other data, such as computer configuration and network settings, is preserved.

To cold boot your computer:
1 If possible, tap Start > Programs > Shut Down.
2 Remove the battery pack from the computer and wait at least 30
3 Install the battery pack and press the Power button.

Clean Booting the Computer

A clean boot erases the memory in the mobile computer,
including all applications and data files found in the ObjectStore, and loads only the default files and programs required by the
computer operating system.
During a clean boot, the computer first looks for the SSPB files on an installed microSD card. If no card is found, the computer loads
the SSPB files in the Flash File Store. Files found on a microSD card during a clean boot are copied into the Flash File Store and
overwrite the existing SSPB files.

If the computer seems to be locked up, try warm booting and then cold booting the computer. If neither method works, use a clean boot to get
the computer up and running for further troubleshooting.
To clean boot the computer:
1 Remove the battery pack from the computer and wait at least 30 seconds.
2 Install the battery pack and press the Power button.
3 When the computer starts the boot process, simultaneously press and hold < and > until the IPL Boot Configuration Menu appears.

Intermec CS40 reset boot menu

4 Press 2 to select Force Clean Boot, and then press 0 to select Continue with Boot.
The computer clean boots. This process takes a few minutes.
5 When prompted, tap the screen to set up the computer.
6 Follow the instructions to align the screen.