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Intermec CK71 hard reset

Resetting the Computer
If the computer does not resume after pressing the Power button, or if the computer or an application locks up, you may need to reset the
computer. The computer uses the configuration currently saved in flash memory during the boot process. There are three ways to reset the
• Reboot
• Cold boot
• Clean boot
Rebooting the Computer
You may need to reboot the computer to correct conditions where an application stops responding to the system.
To reboot the computer:
• Press the Power button and select Reboot from the menu.
The computer systematically shuts down, restarts, and goes through the initialization process.

Cold Booting the Computer

In some cases where the computer completely stops responding, it may be necessary to perform a cold boot or hard reset. Because cold booting may result in data loss, use this method only if all other recovery methods have failed.

Note: Cold booting the computer does not guarantee that cached disk data will be saved, so transactional data may be lost during the reset.
All other data, such as configuration and network settings, is preserved.

To cold boot the mobile computer:
1 Press the Power button to suspend the computer.
2 Remove the handstrap and the battery pack.
3 Press the Reset button in the battery compartment on the back of the computer.
4 Replace the battery and the handstrap.
5 Press Power and wait while the mobile computer boots. When the cold boot is complete, the Home screen appears.

Intermec CK70 reset button

Clean Booting the CK71 Computer

A clean boot erases the memory in the mobile computer, including all applications and data files, with the exception of
those found in the Flash File Store, or any removeable storage.

If the computer seems to be locked up, try cold booting it. If this process does not work, use a clean boot to get the computer up and
running for further troubleshooting. You can clean boot using the mobile computer, or you can clean boot using the SmartSystems
To perform a clean boot using the mobile computer:
1 Remove the battery pack from the back of the computer.
2 With a stylus, press the Reset button in the battery cavity.
3 Insert the battery back into the computer, and immediately press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button (the lower
button on the right side).
4 Continue to hold the Power button and the Volume Down button down until you are prompted to release them.
5 Press the Volume Up button on the right side to start the clean boot.
6 Wait for the computer to load files from its ROM.

To clean boot the computer using the SmartSystems Console:
• Right-click the CK71 computer and select Intermec Power Tools > Clean Boot Device.