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Idea I4901 hard reset

1. Fully charge the battery.
2. Turn ON the device by pressing and holding the VOLUME UP key and the power key together.
3. You should see Select Boot mode options. Recovery mode, Fastboot mode and Normal bott mode.
4. Using the Vol UP select Recovery mode, this is the default menu item so press only the Volume DOWN to enter the recovery menu.
5. When you see "No command" with the Andorid robot press POWER shortly to display the recovery menu.
6. When Android system recovery menu appears... go and
7. Highlight wipe data/Factory reset using volume down key.
8. Confirm with Volume UP or Cancel using BACK key.
9. Select with Vol - Yes -- delete all data and confirm using Volume up key.
10. After hard reset is done, highlight reboot system now and confirm your selection.
Note! All data will be deleted!
Be sure to backup your user data before doing a hard reset.
Resetting Your Idea 3G I4901 Android Phone using menu option factory reset

With Clean Boot, you can reset your phone to its factory defaults. When you reset your phone, the data stored in your phone may be erased.
1. Tap Application Drawer > APPS tab > Settings > Backup & reset.
2. Tap Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything to reset the phone

reset Idea I4901 Idea 3g