How to update PACE HD DCR7111 UPC mediabox HD firmware upgrade

1. You must connect your PACE HD DCR7111 STB media box to the cable network.  (RF IN COAX cable)
2. Press the OFF key on the remote control to turn off / put in standby mode the media box.
3. Press and HOLD the CH- (channel down) button for about 15 seconds and at the same time disconnect the POWER cable on the rear side of the media box. KEEP pressing the CH - button! and connect the power cable still keep pressing CH- and wait another 15 seconds. You will see numbers on the front panel indicating the process in percentage, and the RED LED light will flashing also. You can then release CH- button.
Note: DO NOT DISCONNECT POWER during the update process
4. WAIT until the front LCD displays "100" and the CLOCK appers on it.
Now you can press the UPC button on the remote control to turn on the device.

Congratulation! You have just updated the DCR7111 software and you are using the latest software on your DCR7111 media box.
pace hd upc dcr7111 media box firmware upgrade

Note: DO NOT DISCONNECT POWER during the update process
pace dcr7111 firmware update do not disconnect power
70% done
pace dcr7111 firmware update percentage

How to check firmware version on PACE HD DCR7111 UPC media box STB

1. Press MENU key on PACE DCR7111 STB's remote control and press 1 7 8 9 keys to ENTER service MENU.
The service menu will be displayed on the TV's screen.
2. Now press the down arrow key a few times until you see "CA software version"
Here you can check your PACE DCR7111 STB's firmware / software version e.g. 2.11e6cak141

Note: the software will be automatically updated by your ISP. The STB will download and install the latest firmware automatically.
upc dcr 7111 stb remote control

How to access factory settings menu on PACE HD DCR7111 UPC set top box to erase FLASH and EEPROM

First enter Autodiagnostic menu. The following steps will help you to access Autodiagnostic.
1. Pull out the power cable (located on the rear panel) of the device.
2. Press and hold both the Channel + and - (both up and down) buttons on the front panel of PACE HD DCR device and plug the power cable back in while you keep pressing the buttons for over 10 seconds.
3. When the Autodiagnostic menu appears on the TV screen release the Channel buttons.
4. Select Factory setting using the remote control's navigation buttons. Press the down direction button and press OK middle button.
It will ask you for password. The password is 555 - it may be different on your device.
5. Now you can select ERASE FLASH, ERASE EEPROM or ERASE ALL. Do it only if you are know what you are doing. You should NOT erase any of these on your device. If you want to reset your device to its factory default settings, do it from the main menu, NOT from the autodiagnostic's factory reset menu.
6. Confirm and you are done.
Note: DO NOT USE THIS MENU to reset your device. Use the main menu instead.

pace dcr7111 autodiagnostic menu  pace dcr7111 autodiagnostic menu enter password

pace dcr7111 autodiagnostic menu erase flash eeprom