How to filter or search for files in windows 10 File Explorer by exact time / timestamp

(This should work on Windows 7 / windows 8 and windows 8.1 also)
Let's say you want to search or filter for multiple files in a folder, but you have hundreds of files with the same date. They are both created or modifed / downloaded on the very same day. But you need only those files which were modified after an exact time on that day, let's say you need files which were created after 22:00 / 10pm

So how to search for those files?

Just type in the search field near the top right corner the following search query:

datemodified: > 2015-10-30 22:00:00

This will filter out those files wich were modified or downloaded after 2015-10-30 10pm (and it will not list those which were created before 2015-10-30 10pm.)

To search for files before or after a specific date and time, use the operators < or > before the date time. They will become:

datemodified:<[date time]     (To search for files before an exact time)

datemodified:>[date time]     (To search for files after an exact time)

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