How to fix Joomla 3 Warning message Unable to load user with ID: xxx

joomla3 fix error warning unable to loade user with id

JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with ID: ???

Note ??? is a number like 390 or any other number - this is your non-existing user id in your _users table.

If you get this error in your Joomla 3 backend when you are updating an existing article it is probably because your administrator or editor user id is replaced with another one. Possible case when you've migrated your Joomla database exported/imported without your old User table. It is not a problem and you can easily fix this error message. It only tells that another user id stored for the article in the database. Your only thing to do to fix this is to replace the user id in two fields in the database.
The two field names are
modified_by and created_by

This is a simple SQL command you need to run in a sql manager program like SQLyog or phpmyadmin.
If phpmyadmin is already installed and configured on your server than login first.

Always backup the table or the whole DB before you doing any modification to your database.

Select your content table. It has a name prefix like wdf4e_content where wdf4e is a randomly generated prefix. All your tables have this prefix so search for the table ends with _content.

update `xxxxx_content` set `created_by`= replace (`created_by`, '390', '320') 

and the next command is very similar

update 'xxxxx_content' set `modified_by`= replace (`modified_by`, '390', '320') 

this command will replace all of your old user ids to the exisiting new one.

Please note two things: xxxxx is a randomly generated prefix in your database name as I described it above. Replace it with yours first! or you will get SQL error message when you run the SQL command and be sure to check YOUR! user id number also.

NOTE!!! 390 is my old id and this is what I will replace with my existing user's id number which is 320 - read on how to get your user ID number

Check your existing user id. GUI or DB method

You can check and find your user id in the Joomla! 3 backend or in the database.

GUI: In the backend just go to Users > Manage and find your user in the list. The id is at the end of the line.


DB: You can check it in your Joomla 3 database's _users table. Find xxxxx_users where xxxxx is your unique prefix.
In the column 'id' you will see your id number. This number is what you need in the sql command above. Replace 320

If you want to check all those articles which was NOT modified or created by user id 390 so what user ID's was used creating or modifying articles before, than run these two SQL commands separately:

select * from `xxxxx_content` WHERE `modified_by` NOT LIKE '390'

SELECT * FROM `qi3eo_content` WHERE `created_by` NOT LIKE '390'

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