Goclever Orion 70 hard reset

There is no Volume keys, so you cannot get in recovery mode.
When the device has no Volume button, there should be a reset "button" available on your device.
The reset button is a small little hole where you have to stick a small tool like a paper clip or a tip of a pencil/pen inside and press it for a few minutes.
Note: All data will be deleted! Be sure to backup your important data before resetting your tablet.

This solution (pressing the reset hole long for minutes) may not work! Sorry! Try the firmware update method.

goclever orion 70l hard reset

Goclever Orion 70 hard reset from menu

Backup & reset You can back up settings and other data associated with one or more of your Google Accounts. If you
need to replace or factory reset your device, you can restore your data for any accounts that were previously backed up.

Touch Settings on the desktop\[Personal] Backup & reset\ [Personal Data] Factory data reset > Reset tablet> Erase everything. All data will be lost!
goclever screen

Goclever Orion 70 tablet soft reset

Force shutdown
Press and hold POWER for 10 seconds. Restart your Goclever Orion 70 tablet by pressing the power again (Power on).

Reset your device
If your device is not functioning or keeps freezing: Long press the Power key for about 10 seconds to shut down your device. Press the Power key to restart.