Goclever Orion 70 firmware update reset

If you are unable to turn on your Goclever Orion 70L tablet or you have forgotten your PIN password or unlock pattern, you can reset your password or uinlock pattern.  Update its firmware from your PC computer using Phoenix firmware upgrade suit.

Download Goclever Orion firmware from the Goclever official website.

Here are the steps to update or reinstall Goclever Orion 70 firmware. All data will be deleted! Be sure to backup your important data before.

1. Unzip the folder/files. First install Phoenix Suit and drivers. You can later update the software to the latest version by clicking on the version number in the lower right corner on start screen.
2. Start Phoenix Suit tool. Click on Firmware and browse the image .img firmware file in the unzipeed folder. e.g a741L_131217
3. Turn your Goclever Orion 70 L tablet compeletely off.
4. Get your Goclever Orion 70 / 70l tablet into flash mode by pressing the HOME key and connecting the USB cable to your PC computer.
Press and hold HOME key while you connect the tablet to your PC. Note: If the device is freezing and the screen is black then press the power key for 15 seconds until the tablet switch off. (Repeat step 2.)
5. If the device is successfully recognized by the Phoenix suit then click on Upgrade. (Be sure to turn ON USB debug mode.)
6. Select Yes when "Upgrade firmware to device" dialog window is displayed.
7. Select yes mandatory format.
8. Wait until the "Upgrade firmware succeed" dialog appears. DO not disconnect device during firmware upgrade procedure!
After everything is OK them disconnect the USB cable and turn on the tablet. Be patient for the first time after firmware upgrade, the boot time may be lasts for 5 minutes!

phoenix suit start

Click on firmware and browse the .img file.

phoenix suit start1

phoenix suit start2

Click Yes to upgrade or reinstall firmware.

phoenix suit start3

Wait until Firmware upgrade succeed.

phoenix suit start4

Goclever Orion 70 soft reset / restart device

If the tablet freezing, hangs or you cannot turn it off then restart your device press Power on/off button pressing 3-4 sec or reset button (with a pointed object / paper clip.