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Resetting the iQue M5

You may need to reset your device if it stops responding to stylus taps or button presses or if it stops functioning normally. A soft
reset is much like rebooting your personal computer.
To reset your device (Soft reset):

Use the stylus to press and quickly release the Reset button on the bottom of your device.A hard reset erases all entries, records, and settings in your device (erases all data stored in RAM).

Hard reset Soft reset


IMPORTANT: Use a hard reset only if your device malfunctions severely or if a soft reset does not correct your problem.

Hard reset Soft reset

To reset your Garmin iQue M5 - hard reset


1. Press and hold the REC and Contacts buttons while you press the Reset button with the stylus.
2. Release the Reset button first. Then release the REC and Contact buttons. A blue screen appears asking Delete all your programs,
data, and settings in memory?
3. Press the Que button to select Yes or the Calendar button to select No. If you select Yes, another question appears: Also delete all
your permanent storage? Select Yes to delete contacts, appointments, and other PIM data. The iQue M5 resets itself.