Freedom 251 hard reset - How to reset Freedom 251 smartphone

Remove password or unlock pattern using the recovery menu tutorial

1. Turn off your Freedom 251 Android phone and pull out battery and reinsert it after a few seconds.

2. Press and hold both Volume UP + POWER buttons for about 10 sec. until Andorid recovery menu comes up.

3. Select Factory reset /wipe data. (scroll down with VOL down.)

4. Select with power. (may changed to Vol UP)

5. Scroll down to Yes -- delete all user data. Press power to confirm.

After all is done press power to reboot system now.

After data wipe has completed you are done. reset Freedom 251 done.
unlock freedom251 remove password reset settings remove unlock pattern

Freedom 251 factory reset using the menu

Restoring factory settings on Freedom 251 Android phone
if your phone is responding to screen input, then open Settings from the Applications menu.
1. On the home screen, touch Settings unlock freedom251 remove password reset settings remove unlock pattern .
2. Under All, touch Backup & reset.
3. Touch Factory data reset > Reset phone. The phone will restore its factory settings and restart.

Restoring your phone to the factory settings erases all your personal data from phone storage, including information about your accounts, your system
and application settings, and downloaded applications. Back up important data on your phone before you restore factory settings.