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How to fix wireless charger pad to fit any device

I recently bought a wireless charger (Itian A6 5W) for one of my devices but unfortunately it didn't fit well, it didn't charged the phone because it has only one coil, not three. The three-coil built-in version has no need for perfect alignment. But what if you have only one coil inside and it not fits for your device?

The one-coil  wireless transmitter inside the wireless charger's cradle was a little bit lower than the Wireless charger receiver module on the phone's back.

Originally this charger pad is for Samsung devices, but with a little modification you can use it with any device which has a wireless charger receiver modul.

charger receiver coil

All you need to do is unscrew all the little screws on the back of the charger and you will find the coil sticked inside. Note: there are hidden screws under the anti-slip rubber.

This coil can be easily move up or down inside the charger. I had to move the coil to a little bit up, because my phone's charger receiver modul was higher than the charger transmitter coil.

Let's say you want to charge your device in landscape mode to watch videos. You can move the coil lower than its original postion and it will charge the device.

landscape charge

After you placed the coil in the perfect position to match with your device receiver module, just insert back the cover with the screws and you are done.

wireless charger pad - hidden screws under the anti-slip rubbers

wireless charger pad hidden screws under the anti-slip rubbers

The coil inside the charger can be easily move up or down

 itian wireless charger coil

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