Condor Griffe G4 hard reset using buttons

How to remove password or unlock pattern on your Condor griffe G4 Plus Android phone or how to easily wipe all of your data if you want to sell your phone or just start over. Note: after doing a hard reset all data will be permanently deleted!

  1. Turn off your Condor griffe G4 Plus phone.
  2. Press Volume UP + POWER ON the phone.
  3. After the phone is turns on when you see the logo release only power but keep pressing Volume UP until the recovery menu shows up.
  4. In the menu use Volume UP to highlight items and Volume DOWN to confirm.
  5. Highlight Factory reset / wipe data using Volume up and press vol Down to move next.
  6. Repeate it with yes --- delete all data.
  7. After hard reset is done select reboot system now.

    All of your data will be lost! Back up your data first!
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Resetting Your Condor griffe G4 Plus

Restoring Factory Data on Coolpad Android phone
If you reset your phone to the settings that were configured at the factory, all of your personal data stored on the phone, including information about your Google Account, any other accounts, your system and application settings, and any applications you have downloaded will be erased. Resetting
the phone does not erase any system software updates you have downloaded or any files on your microSD card, such as music clips or photos.

1. On the Settings screen, touch Backup & Reset > Factory data reset.
2. When prompted, touch Reset phone, and then touch Erase everything. The mobile phone resets
the settings to the original factory settings, and then restarts.

Backing Up My Data
You can use your Google account to back up your mobile phone’s settings to Google servers. If you replace your mobile phone, the settings you have backed up will be transferred to the new mobile phone the first time you sign in to your Google account.
1. On the Settings screen, touch Backup & Reset.
2. Select the Back up my data check box.

The most common problems on Condor griffe G4 Plus phones are: low sound during incoming call, SIM card cannot be read, freezing after boot, no sound during phone call, Freezing during operation, camera flash not working, images canno be deleted, no trash bin, if you zoom in an image you can't zoom out, phone does not turn on, short stand by time, cannot connect to WIFI, the phone freezing when turning on, charger connection issues, screen does not recognize touch, low sound when outgoing call, not recognize Bluetooth, application error, demo mode application running, white screen, call drop, phone overheat, weak wifi signal, application hangs or exit after open, other issues. If your phone has hardware problem, hard reset will not fix your phone, you have to take your phone to your local repair center to replace the faulty phone parts. If you have software related issues, hard reset is a common way to fix your phone. All your data will be wiped out after a factory reset.