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Resetting the Casio E-11 Unit

"Reset" is similar to a computer reboot. Performing a reset deletes any data that is in the process of being input or edited, without yet being saved. Data stored in memory and all settings, however, are retained.
Perform the reset opeation whenever the unit fails to operate correctly due to operational error or some other abnormality. Any of the following symptoms indicate that reset is required.
• Failure of the unit is respond when the screen is tapped or a button is pressed
• The hourglass icon remaining on the screen

Performing a Casio E11 Reset

Use the stylus to press the RESET button.
• The unit performs a reset followed by a memory check operation
If no data error is found, the following two screens appear on the display in succession.
• Startup Screen
• Desktop
2. Normal unit operation is possible after the desktop appears.
• Since memory data and settings are retained, you can continue operation from where you last left off.
Important If the above operation does not solve the problem, perform a Casio E10 full reset.

Full Reset (Memory Initialize)
Full reset (memory initialize) deletes all data, and resets all unit parameters to their initial defaults.
The following are conditions when you should perform a full reset.
• When you want to delete all memory data and return unit settings to their factory defaults
• When you forget your password and need to clear it
• When a data error causes operational problems
• Appearance of the message: "A problem with memory contents has been found..."

Performing a Casio E-11 Full Reset

• The following procedure deletes all data in memory. Be sure that data is backed up or that you no longer need it before performing the following procedure.
• If there is a CompactFlash card in the CASSIOPEIA's slot, remove the card before performing the full reset.
1. Make sure that unit power is turned On.
2. While holding down the 'Power' button, use the stylus to hold down the RESET button for about two seconds.
• This causes the following message to appear on the display screen. "Proceeding with this operation initializes memory. Press [Action] to proceed or I [Exit] to cancel."

3. Press the [Action] control.
• This causes the following message to appear on the display screen.
"Proceeding with this operation deletes all data stored in memory. Press [Action] to proceed or [Exit] to cancel."
4. Press the [Action] control again.
• This starts the full reset operation, which deletes all data in memory.
• Pressing the [Action] control displays the Startup screen.

You can abort the full reset operation while the messages in steps 2 and 3 are on the display by pressing the [Exit] button.

Errors Following a Full Reset

Either of the following two conditions can cause errors to continue, even after you perform a full reset.
• Hardware detect
• System problem caused by failure by you to correctly perform the reset procedure before using the unit for the first time

If you suspect that the problem is being caused because you did not properly reset the unit before using it for the first time, perform the following procedure.
This should correct the problem.

• Perform the following procedure if your CASSIOPEIA remains locked up even at you perform a full reset.
• The following operation deletes all data in CASSIOPEIA memory.
• If you previously backed up your CASSIOPIA data to your desktop computer hard disk or a CompactFlash memory card, you will be able to restore the data after performing the following operation.
• If backed up data includes data that is the cause of the original problem, your CASSIOPEIA may start malfunctioning again after data is resumed. In this case, you Will not be able to use the backed up data.
• To protect against backing up corrupted data that can cause problems when restored, first synchronize Pocket Outlook program data between your CASSIOPEIA and desktop computer. Next, use drag and drop to copy other files to you computer.

1. Remove both the main batteries and the back-up battery from the CASSIOPEIA.
2. Wait for about five minutes.
3. Reload the main batteries.
• Be sure to load the main batteries first. The CASSIOPEIA will not Operate properly if you load the back-up battery first. If you inadvertently load the back-up battery first, start over from step 1. above.
4. Reload the back-up battery.
5. Replace the battery cover and slide the battery cover lock to LOCK.
6. Wait for about five seconds and then press the [Power] button to turn on your CASSIOPEIA. • Turning on power displays the startup screen, following by the touch panel calibration screen.
7. Fllow the instructions that appear on the screen to make initial settings.
8. Alter setting up your CASSIOPEIA, turn it off.
• After completing the above procedure, you can restore ditit you have backed up on your desktop computer hard disk or CompactFlash memory card. See the separate Palm-size PC User's Guide for information about restoring backed up data.