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Casio A-21 hard reset and soft reset

Soft Reset
You should reset the CASSIOPEIA whenever it stops working or whenever some other operational problem has caused it to malfunction.

To reset the CASSIOPEIA A21
1. Press the RESET button with the stylus.
• This automatically turns off CASSIOPEIA power.

Casio A20 full reset

2. Press the power switch to turn on power and start the reset process.

What happens next depends on memory status.

Case A: Memory Contents Not Corrupted

In this case, the display changes in the sequence shown below.
Casio A20 full reset
Start up screen  Normal Desktop
Normal operation is restored after the desktop appears, with all memory contents and settings unchanged.

Full Reset
Perform the full reset when you want to clear all memory contents and settings because memory contents are corrupted, because you have forgotten the security code, or for any other reason.
Important • The following procedure deletes all data in memory. Be sure to save any important data contents you may need later to a computer disk or other medium. Always keep separate back-up copies of important data.

To perform a Casio A20 full reset
1. While holding down the [Ctrl] key and the [Alt] key, press the RESET button.
Casio A20 full reset

2. The message "All memory contents will be deleted! Touch the screen to continue..." appears on the display.
• If you don't want to perform a full reset, press the RESET button. This performs the normal reset, which does not clear memory contents.

Casio Cassiopeia A-21