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Resetting the A-11

Casio A-11 Normal Reset

You should reset the A-11 whenever you suspect some external abnormality as caused it to malfunction.
Performing tie reset operation when the A-11 is hung up or experi-encing other operational problems but no corruption of memory contents resets the A-11 without affecting memory contents or settings. A normal reset causes the Desktop to appear on the screen.

Casio A-11 Memory Reset

Performing the reset operation after memory data has been corrupted clears memoiy contents and settings, and causes the welcome wizard screen to appear. Set up the A-11 in accordance with the on-screen guidance.

To reset the A-11
1. Press the power switch to turn on the A- 11.
2. Use the stylus to press the reset button.
Casio A-11 hard reset

This causes the A-11 to turn off.

Always use the stylus that comes with the A-11 whenever performing any touch screen operation. Using any other object can result in damage to and malfunction of the A-11.
3. Turn the A-11 back on to resume the reset operation.

Initializing the A-11

Caution! The following operation deletes all data stored in memory.
1. Remove both the main and back-up batteries.
2. Wait for about five minutes.
3. First install the main batteries.
• Be sure to install the main batteries first. If you install the back-up battery first, the unit will not start up correctly. If you have trouble starting up after performing this procedure, repeat the procedure from step 1 again.
4. Slide the release (both buttons) of the main battery holder towards "NORMAL OPERATION".
5. Wait for about five seconds, arid then turn on power.
6. Perform the settings in accordance with the welcome wizard menu that appears on the screen.
7. After the settings turn power off.
8. Install the back-up battery. After completing the Initialization, you can re-install any data you previously backed up.