Beex CONQUEST hard reset

If you are unable to turn on your Beex Conquest phone or you have forgotten your PIN password or unlock pattern, you need to enter Recovery mode and reset your device completly or update its firmware from SD card.
To get into the recovery mode on you Beex Conquest Access phone device

Charge your phone at least for 20 minutes. Turn off the phone, remove the battery. Keep pressed the volume down button and connect the charger. An exclamation mark (!) will appear on the display. Press the buttons in the following order: power on and volume down button. Wait until the phone initializes, finally the phone restarts.

Execute the phone’s initial setting steps. When the date and time appears, please check if the data is correct. Unplug the charger.

Beex CONQUEST hard reset from menu

Backup & reset You can back up settings and other data associated with one or more of your Google Accounts. If you
need to replace or factory reset your device, you can restore your data for any accounts that were previously backed up.

Touch Settings on the desktop\[Personal] Backup & reset\ [Personal Data] Factory data reset > Reset phone> Erase everything. All data will be lost!

Beex CONQUEST phone soft reset

Force shutdown
Press and hold POWER for 10 seconds. Restart your Beex CONQUEST phoneby pressing the power again (Power on).

Reset your device
If your device is not functioning or keeps freezing: Long press the Power key for about 10 seconds to shut down your device. Press the Power key to restart.