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AR.Drone reset

Place the AR.Drone on a flat surface and press the Reset button.

Note: Flying is not possible with an emergency message on the screen.

Restarting the AR.Drone
To restart the AR.Drone, just disconnect and reconnect the battery.

AR.Drone hard reset

Warning: Make sure that you have securely connected the AR.Drone battery and that the motor LEDs are green before connecting your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network of the AR.Drone and before starting a flight application.

The Emergency button
In the event of any problems while piloting the AR.Drone, just press the Emergency button.
Warning: Only press on the Emergency button in a genuine emergency. The motors will immediately cut out and the AR.Drone will fall from whatever height it is currently at. In most scenarios, simply landing the AR.Drone is enough to resolve any problems.
The Reset button
A message on the iPhone may indicate that it is necessary to re-initialise the AR.Drone. In this case, press the Reset button.