Alcor Access hard reset

If you are unable to turn on your Alcor Access tablet or you have forgotten your PIN password or unlock pattern, you need to enter Recovery mode and reset your device completly or update its firmware from SD card. Reset Alcor Access O719R Tablet, reset Alcor Access Q913M Tablet PC, Alcor Access Q787I, Alcor Access D786M, Alcor Access D785M,
To get into the recovery mode on you Alcor Access tablet device

1. Turn your tablet compeletely off.
2. Press and hold both Volume UP and POWER keys together to turn ON your phone.
3. Release POWER key but keep pressing the Volume key.
4. After 1-2 seconds release all keys.
5. Andorid Recovery menu should come up.
6. Select and highlight Wipe data / Factory reset using volume key, press power.
7. Highlight Yes - delete all user data press power key.
8. All data will be deleted! Some files may not be deleted. e.g. in Pictures folder etc.
9. After it is done select Reboot system now.
alcor access hard reset

Alcor Access hard reset from menu

Backup & reset You can back up settings and other data associated with one or more of your Google Accounts. If you
need to replace or factory reset your device, you can restore your data for any accounts that were previously backed up.

Touch Settings on the desktop\[Personal] Backup & reset\ [Personal Data] Factory data reset > Reset tablet> Erase everything. All data will be lost!

Alcor Access soft reset

Force shutdown
Press and hold POWER for 8 seconds. Restart your Alcor Access tablet by pressing the power again (Power on).

Reset your device
If your device is not functioning or keeps freezing: Long press the Power key for about 8 seconds to shut down your device. Press the Power key to restart.

Alcor Access hard reset using firmware update

Important! Use only official firmware for your phone!

- Your Alcor tablet
- USB cable
- You need a PC with Windows XP or Windows 7 OS to use the firmware update tool RKbatchtool.
- Downloaded firmware

Follow the instructions below:
1. Download the firmware file. Download only the right firmware for your device! Download official Alcor firmware
2. Install all needed USB driver and restart your PC.
4. Extract / unzip the firmware file, update.img.
5. Browse firmware file (... button on the right), “update.img” (the file is located where you previously extracted)
6. Connect the tablet and turn on.
7. If the tablet is recognized by RKbatchtool, you will see a pink squre under "connected devices"
8. Click on "Switch" button. The pink square will turn into green if everything is OK.
9. At first time your computer will recognize your tablet as "Unknown device".
*Please note, you need to install Rockusb device driver only once.
10. Go to Control panel (System & Security)  and Device Manager.
11. In the list find Other devices > Unknown device and right click on it, and choose "Update driver Software".
12. Browse and select RockUSBDriver (Rockusb_v3.5 and then select x64 for 64 bit OS or x86 for 32bit OS) folder in the RKbatchtool's folder.
13. Install the device driver, when Windows Security asks, select "Install this driver software anyway".
windows driver securitcy check
14. After driver installed successfully RK30 Device will appeare in Device Manager.
15. Remove tablet device and restart your computer.
16. Start RKbatchtool, connect the tablet again and click "Switch" button, the tool now will recognize your tablet as a RockUSB device.
17. Click "Restore" button. The green square will turn into yellow and under flashing procedure it will blinking. The update procedure will finish when you see ************Upgrade Done success<1>Fail<0> Time<XXXXXXms>....
Alcor Access upgrade success
The tablet will restart. It will take a little longer to boot up then usual.